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The "Show-Ready Home" Checklist
You Have 10 Minutes...

  Panic! Okay - now check that off the list. You’re already making progress!!
  Make the beds
  Grab a laundry basket - throw all of the clutter into it and put the basket into the car         (you’ll sort it when you get back)
  Empty all garbages into a garbage bag and take out (or take with you)
  Put up your “show” towels
  Close all toilet seats
  Wipe down al countertops and sinks with damp cloth
  Turn on all lights in the house

You Have An Hour...

  Do everything on the ten minute list
  Vacuum all carpeted areas
  Sweep all hard-surfaced floors/spot-mop sticky spots
  Use cleaner/vinegar and water to clean all glass and mirrored surfaces
  Give the toilets a scrub and wipe down tubs
  Clear kitchen counter tops as much as possible; all dishes in dishwasher, soaps and         scrubbies under the sink
  Give kitchen cupboards a quick wipe down
  Laundry should be folded and put away (or chucked into a laundry basket and put into         your car - deal with it later if you don’t have time)
  Sweep the front walk/shake out doormat

You did it! Now go have a coffee and relax!
Selling a house is stressful business!!
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